Respiratory Therapy


VAP Preventive Oral Care Custom Kits:

Oral care kits VAP. We have custom oral care kits including for Neonates with all the goodies the clinicians want in them. We can even add oral suctioning devices, label for specific use times per shift (Q) or just about anything else you want.






VAP Diagnostic Catheters:

VAP diagnosis mini BAL. We have the fastest, easiest to use, and most accurate mini BAL. It uses the least amount of saline and has the lowest contamination rate on samples obtained. It’s used to get a non-contaminated lower lung sample on patients that have been given a diagnosis of having VAP. The procedure is done at bedside and we line up experienced RT’s to train your staff on doing the procedure.














Suction Regulators and Flow Meters from Ohio and Amvex:



 E/T Tube Tracking Monitor:

     This monitor is designed for tracking migration and occlusion parameters  concerning the E/T tube.














Neonate-Pediatric Oral Nasal Suctioning Devices:

Oral Nasal Suctioning: We have the best oral nasal suctioning device on the market. Have you ever seen brown tinged secretions after suctioning a baby? This is residual BLOOD from the last time the baby was suctioned! It’s due to only having a single opening at the tip of the suctioning device you’re using! The device we sell has a patented three hole tip that disperses the vacuum force so you don’t damage the mucosal lining while suctioning. The internal design of this device also helps with a quick suctioning time without as many clogs. It comes in two sizes to cover ultra preemie through newborn and they are made of super soft 100% silicone; not hard PVC that many other devices are made from.






Single and double-lumen DEHP-free ET tubes from 2.0Fr and up.














 Single and double-lumen DEHP-free ET tubes from 2.0Fr and up.











 Silicone neonatal nasal ventilation tubes. Open tip, with 15mm adaptor.











DEHP-free suction catheters 4Fr up to 10Fr.














Mucaid Mucus extractors for quick and safe suctioning and sampling of the upper respiratory tract in infants using mechincal / wall suction.


















Suction Regulators 

Flow Meters