IV Therapy



A special spiral IV extension set similar to the old telephone cord design with male and female luer lock connections. It is a flexible product allowing patients freedom of movement. Tubing expands and contracts, length wise, as the patient's IV site moves further or closer to the IV fluid source point; minimizing potential trauma at the IV site. Great for pediatrics, MRI, oncology, etc. Made of a polyethylene material which allows for compatibility with commonly infused drugs and reduces adsorption, absorption, and permeation that may occur with PVC sets (what most extension sets are made of in the U.S.). It is also a high pressure rated (to 580 PSI) set! These come in two different diameters and five different lengths (100cm, 150cm, 200cm, 300cm, 400cm) in each diameter. Priming volumes range from as low as 1.1ml to 6.9ml depending on tubing diameter and length. These lengths are how long the sets are the maximum stretch distance.


PICC and Mid Lines: 


From 1Fr single lumen and 1.9Fr dual lumen up to and including adult sizes. They come with or without introducers. Introducers available in many styles including: Peelable needles, Peelable cannulas, micro flash with Peelable cannula, and MST.







Umbilical Catheters: 


 3.5Fr to 8Fr in PVC and PUR. Double lumen down to 4Fr.





Exchange Transfusion Tray:

Set containing the accessories necessary to perform removal and replacement of a patient's blood. The only one we know of currently being made. The other manufacturer stopped making their 4110B which was the only other kit we know of.















PICC Line Cover for Patients to use while Showering:

 The best PICC line cover that we have ever seen for use while patients take a shower. Patients can use their fingers to wash their hair! Also this product is single-patient reusable, and with care, can last a very long time.







Amber Colored Syringes and Tubing for Light Sensitive Medications:

   Our amber syringes accommodate light sensitive medications, and when coupled with our amber tubing, provide the best protection for them on the market today.









Don't compromise your light sensitive medications by using clear tubing when you could use amber tubing to protect it.








Standard and Custom Kits

We have the ability to help design and quote most custom medical kits.



IV Start

We have a bunch of standard IV start kits or you can pick and choose items from the full list to design your own custom kit.



PICC Insertion:

We have several PICC insertion trays and can quote customs too. We also have UVC/UVA insertion kits along with a great catheter that has custom stopcocks to help note venous or arterial placement.





IV Admin & Extension Sets: 

We can help make about any IV administration or extension set that you can dream up.  We also do Anesthesia admin sets and gang valve designs.




TPN Dressing Change:   

Standard and custom with whatever your facility wants in it.




Ultrasound Probe cover that does NOT USE GEL BETWEEN PROBE AND INSIDE OF COVER:

Ultrasound Probe Covers: We have the ONLY probe cover on the market that does NOT USE GEL between the probe head and inside of the cover! This is a new device to hit the market and is wonderful. No more bubbles and wrinkles creating artifact! No more cleaning of a messy probe head for your techs delaying clean up and setup times. They come in several lengths in sterile packaging cost about the same as the old style you’ve been putting up with forever.