Neonatal / Newborn / Pediatrics



A special spiral IV extension set similar to the old telephone cord design with male and female luer lock connections. It is a flexible product allowing patients freedom of movement. Tubing expands and contracts, length wise, as the patient's IV site moves further or closer to the IV fluid source point; minimizing potential trauma at the IV site. Great for pediatrics, MRI, oncology, etc. Made of a polyethylene material which allows for compatibility with commonly infused drugs and reduces adsorption, absorption, and permeation that may occur with PVC sets (what most extension sets are made of in the U.S.). It is also a high pressure rated (to 580 PSI) set! These come in two different diameters and five different lengths (100cm, 150cm, 200cm, 300cm, 400cm) in each diameter. Priming volumes range from as low as 1.1ml to 6.9ml depending on tubing diameter and length. These lengths are how long the sets are the maximum stretch distance.


Enteral Feeding Safety System:

  With our Nutrisafe enteral feeding system, you can rest easy
  knowing your feedings are safe and secure.









PICC and Mid Lines: 


From 1Fr single lumen and 1.9Fr dual lumen up to and including adult sizes. They come with or without introducers. Introducers available in many styles including: Peelable needles, Peelable cannulas, micro flash with Peelable cannula, and MST.






Umbilical Catheters: 


 3.5Fr to 8Fr in PVC and PUR. Double lumen down to 4Fr.






Temperature Probes:


Our disposable temperature probes are guaranteed to work as advertised and are sold either in boxes of 25 or 100. We have many types to choose from.






Hydrogel Probe Covers:


Our hydrogel temperature probe covers are made from a specially formulated, reduced water hydrogel that helps prevent drying and extends shelf life.  We have designed this probe cover to really stick while being exceptionally economical.  No fancy shapes or individual packaging to drive up manufacturing costs - just a solid value that really works!  Individually perforated and packaged in bags of 60.







Incubator Filters:



  We have a full line of quality filters.








Exchange Transfusion Tray:


 Set containing the accessories necessary to perform removal and replacement of a patient's blood. The only one we know of currently being made. The other manufacturer stopped making their 4110B which was the only other kit we know of.










 This is a male to male enteral syringe transfer adapter.







Amber Colored Syringes and Tubing for Light Sensitive Medications:

   Our amber syringes accommodate light sensitive medications, and when coupled with our amber tubing, provide the best protection for them on the market today.









Don't compromise your light sensitive medications by using clear tubing when you could use amber tubing to protect it.










Suction Regulators

Flow Meters




We sell both non gel and gel diapers for ultra preemie through 4 pound babies. Gel diapers have the tendency to swell in width between the legs that can lead to hip abduction in the little ones. You can also obtain urine samples from the non gel diapers. We have diapers all the way down for babies under 1.5 lbs.







Pacifiers that meet the federal guidelines for extra holes in regards to safety with a design that doesn't necessitate nurses trimming them to work properly. Trimming pacifiers creates an off label use, safety hazard, and risk for the clinician that does the modification. We have newborn and preemie sizes that are color coded.









Photo Therapy:

Photo-therapy masks. We have photo-therapy masks designed by a neonatal RN that allow treatment to much of the scalp, won’t slip when properly placed, and come in sizes to fit from under 27 weeks to newborn.








Positioners/Developmental Aids:

Pillows and positioners. Neonatal developmental aids including beaded gel pillows that do NOT DRY OUT and foam pillows that can be x-rayed through! Ultra preemie through newborn sizes. Large gel bead tube positioners that do not contain lead tubes like many on the market. These can be wrapped around the babies to initiate proper position.











Clinician/Parent Education Booklets English/Spanish:

Neonatal parent education books developed by a group of neonatal nurses. Helps parents learn the important information about caring for their new neonate; available in English and Spanish.


Low Cost Memory Foam Mattresses:

Isolette mattresses and covers. Mattresses made of visco elastic memory foam sized to fit your incubators and isolettes. Covers are one size fits all with anti-slip, non stimulating color, and flame retardant and machine washable. Also folds in to a pillow.


Oral /Nasal Suctioning Device:

Oral Nasal Suctioning: We have the best oral nasal suctioning device on the market. Have you ever seen brown tinged secretions after suctioning a baby? This is residual BLOOD from the last time the baby was suctioned! It’s due to only having a single opening at the tip of the suctioning device you’re using! The device we sell has a patented three hole tip that disperses the vacuum force so you don’t damage the mucosal lining while suctioning. The internal design of this device also helps with a quick suctioning time without as many clogs. It comes in two sizes to cover ultra preemie through newborn and they are made of super soft 100% silicone; not hard PVC that many other devices are made from.





BEST Electrodes on Market:

The very best electrodes on the market! Tired of pre-wired electrodes for the little ones that don’t work, don’t stick, or damage their skin? We heard from nurses constantly about them going through 4-6 sets of electrodes before getting a set that worked and stayed on. Our electrodes are radiolucent, high quality carbon wires, and stick like nothing you’ve ever seen. At the same time they come off easily with water and leave no residue or skin damage. You really have to see these to understand, please contact us to get samples.









Intubation Aids:

Difficult airway, difficult intubation products. We have reusable optical stylets that are portable with self contained power that can also be connected to hospital monitors; these accommodate 2.5 to 10FR ET Tubes. Disposable intubation guide products for laryngo-tracheal or nasal tube placements: Neonate through adult including dual lumen tubes. These items come as self contained with light or video connection enabled. They can be wired to a monitor or laptop in the EMS busses.






Meoncium Aspiration Aids:

Mec Mover meconium aspiration device. Patented design that allows one handed operation instead of two people like other devices on the market! 











VAP Preventative Oral Care Kits(custom):

Oral care kits VAP. We have custom oral care kits including for Neonates with all the goodies the clinicians want in them. We can even add oral suctioning devices, label for specific use times per shift (Q) or just about anything else you want.






Kangaroo Care Aids:

Privacy gown for parent doing Kangaroo care, oral syringe hanger that can be attached to parent doing gavage during Kangaroo care.














Ultrasound Probe Covers-No Gel Between Probe and Inside of Cover:

Ultrasound Probe Covers: We have the ONLY probe cover on the market that does NOT USE GEL between the probe head and inside of the cover! This is a new device to hit the market and is wonderful. No more bubbles and wrinkles creating artifact! No more cleaning of a messy probe head for your techs delaying clean up and setup times. They come in several lengths in sterile packaging cost about the same as the old style you’ve been putting up with forever.