Critical Care


Hemostatic Gauze that stops major hemmoraging as well as small bleeds:

  This revolutionary gauze is impregnated with an inert mineral that stops bleeding in rapid time. It  activates factor 12 in the clotting cascade and follows the intrinsic pathway to give you a good stable  clot. It is currently the sole source for the DoD to prevent casualties on the battlefield. It has recently  been granted FDA clearance and is now available to hospitals in a peel pouch form. 






The Next Generation in Pulse Oximetry -A unique site that's been right under our nose

The nasal alar region offers a unique monitoring site for pulse oximetry. The Alar One-Sense(TM) Sensor fits comfortably on the nasal ala, the fleshy part of the side of the nose. This region has a rich vasculature system with a multidirectional blood flow fed by both the external and internal carotid arteries; the latter also providing blood to the brain. 



Earlier detection ...faster reflection of oxygen saturation changes

Better perfusion ...strong signal, less prone to drop out 

Unaffected by poor peripheral perfusion ...dependable 

Easy access to the alar site





VAP Diagnostic Catheters:

VAP diagnosis mini BAL. We have the fastest, easiest to use, and most accurate mini BAL. It uses the least amount of saline and has the lowest contamination rate on samples obtained. It’s used to get a non-contaminated lower lung sample on patients that have been given a diagnosis of having VAP. The procedure is done at bedside and we line up experienced RT’s to train your staff on doing the procedure.











NO GEL Inside of cover Ultra Sound Probe Covers:

Ultrasound Probe Covers: We have the ONLY probe cover on the market that does NOT USE GEL between the probe head and inside of the cover! This is a new device to hit the market and is wonderful. No more bubbles and wrinkles creating artifact! No more cleaning of a messy probe head for your techs delaying clean up and setup times. They come in several lengths in sterile packaging cost about the same as the old style you’ve been putting up with forever.












Suction Regulators and Flow Meters from Ohio and Amvex:


Electrodes that WORK for Neonates through Pediatrics:

The very best electrodes on the market! Tired of pre-wired electrodes for the little ones that don’t work, don’t stick, or damage their skin? We heard from nurses constantly about them going through 4-6 sets of electrodes before getting a set that worked and stayed on. Our electrodes are radiolucent, high quality carbon wires, and stick like nothing you’ve ever seen. At the same time they come off easily with water and leave no residue or skin damage. You really have to see these to understand, please contact us to get samples.