Cath Lab


Radial Hemostatic Product for Radial Procedures:

  We carry a product that uses a hemostatic agent that is derived from a completely inert mineral which stops bleeding at a very fast rate. We also carry a product for PICC lines. Before the sheath is removed you can fit the pad around it, due to the fact that it is pre-slit. This product works adjunct to manual compression, so it is not difficult to train your staff on. 







Clear Guide One:


Conventional handheld 2D ultrasound is useful for intra-operative imaging, but does not provide for co-registration of imaging and tools. Guidance is often needed to help with hand-eye coordination and to achieve satisfactory targeting.

Unlike standard approaches involving external tracking, the Clear Guide technology tracks probe and tools relative to each other, using robust local sensing methods [SPIE 2011] [SPIE 2012] [MICCAI 2014].













A special spiral IV extension set similar to the old telephone cord design with male and female luer lock connections. It is a flexible product allowing patients freedom of movement. Tubing expands and contracts, length wise, as the patient's IV site moves further or closer to the IV fluid source point; minimizing potential trauma at the IV site. Great for pediatrics, MRI, oncology, etc. Made of a polyethylene material which allows for compatibility with commonly infused drugs and reduces adsorption, absorption, and permeation that may occur with PVC sets (what most extension sets are made of in the U.S.). It is also a high pressure rated (to 580 PSI) set! These come in two different diameters and five different lengths (100cm, 150cm, 200cm, 300cm, 400cm) in each diameter. Priming volumes range from as low as 1.1ml to 6.9ml depending on tubing diameter and length. These lengths are how long the sets are the maximum stretch distance.



PICC Line Cover for Patients to use while Showering:

 The best PICC line cover that we have ever seen for use while patients take a shower. Patients can use their fingers to wash their hair! Also this product is single-patient reusable, and with care, can last a very long time.








Ultrasound Probe cover that does NOT USE GEL BETWEEN PROBE AND INSIDE OF COVER:

Ultrasound Probe Covers: We have the ONLY probe cover on the market that does NOT USE GEL between the probe head and inside of the cover! This is a new device to hit the market and is wonderful. No more bubbles and wrinkles creating artifact! No more cleaning of a messy probe head for your techs delaying clean up and setup times. They come in several lengths in sterile packaging cost about the same as the old style you’ve been putting up with forever.













 Biopsy Needles including all types, lengths, and gauges in both standard and Echogenic:

We sell patented biopsy needles that are highly echogenic, but do not use a flaky coating or roughened up needle. They have a special patented metal that is echogenic. This means no drag or flaky coating coming off when you use them. All sizes, gauges, and lengths needed are available. The line also has a new bone marrow biopsy needle that is NOT a redo of the current needle that’s been on the market for decades. Call us and we can show you how to do away with rocking, broken needles, long cases, and some of your call backs due to unviable samples!